About the Science Camp

Dr. James OAM presenting awards at the 1999 camp

The camp has been running since 1985 and until 2000 was organised by Dr Veronica James. Due to her need to pursue her important breast cancer research internationally, she no longer has the time to organise the camp. It has taken her name in honour of the huge amount of time and effort she has donated to it over the years - until 2000 Dr James was the Camp for the Hearing Impaired, organising everything from the activities and handbook to the material donations to the awards on the last day.

The main aim of the camp is to show the children (and their parents!) that a hearing disability is not an insurmountable barrier to a full and interesting life, including an unrestricted career. This is especially obvious and practical to demonstrate in the world of science.

The camps have always depended on a large number of volunteers (almost as many as the number of students attending the camp) to run all the activities, so if you'd like to help, please email vjsciencechallenge@yahoo.com.au

As well as providing general information about the camp, this web site is designed to be a starting point for its students to explore the internet. Becoming familiar with the internet is just as important for hearing impaired children as it is for perfectly hearing children, for a huge variety of reasons. Apart from the common truths of the increasing penetration and huge job market growing around the internet, perhaps the most important reason is that hearing impairments, like age, race and sex, are undetectable where text is the primary method of communication - so these children are guaranteed unbiased treatment, just like everybody else.